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The "wild man" tradition emerges as a figure that celebrates seasonal transitions, life, death and fertility. They bring order to disorder. They communicate through stories and traditions, even as society becomes ever-more agnostic. These traditions often pre-date Christianity, of course, and have been equally been co-opted or manipulated. Nonetheless, anthropomorphic, animalistic creatures constructed from local vegetation, animal skins and other material appear to remind us of our primal history and ever-evolving relationship with nature.

They are our past, and our present. They are everything from outside of reality. 


Boxier, roomy cut
Soft, heavyweight material
100% organic ringspun cotton
Handmade in the U.S.A.

Made in factories who share a commitment to manufacturing quality products and providing a safe and healthy working environment for their employees.


For environmental and human friendly reason, this product is only made when you order it. This makes it a zero waste souvenir from the road less travelled. Please have patience whilst we craft it for you, and allow at least a week to ship. We will send you tracking information as soon as it's in the mail.